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Count down to the winter holiday of your choice with our 2019 Holiday Harmony Countdown Collection! Collection orders will be available starting April 1 and run through the month. They will ship out by November 1.

This year’s collection is going to be somewhat different than last year’s, and it is also going to give you more options for customization. Due to the number of customizing options available, we are going to be offering these sets through a sign up form rather than a shop listing. Check back to the top of this page on April 1 for the sign up form link.

General Details:

This year’s collection will include 24 10-gram mini skeins, all in variegated, tonal, and/or speckled colorways. No colorways will be repeats from previous years’ countdown collections. There is also an optional Day 25 full skein that will be a collection exclusive self-striping colorway.

We are choosing to put most of our focus on the yarn this year, rather than a lot of “extras” like we had last year. But you’ll still find a few goodies tucked into your collections here and there!

As always, each day’s mini and the full skein will be numbered and packaged in opaque wrapping to keep each one a surprise! This year, our shipping boxes will be the sole containers for the mini collections and will arrived lined with tissue to nest your minis.

The Yarn:

This year, for the first time, you have the choice between either fingering weight or DK weight minis!

The fingering weight yarn options for your collection are –

A full collection of Bounce (80/20 SW Merino/Nylon, 40 yards per mini)

A full collection of Bedazzled (75/20/5 SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 43 yards per mini)

A combo collection containing Bounce, Bedazzled, Heavenly (80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon, 43 yards per mini), and Mountain Tweed (75/25 SW BFL/Nylon Nepp, 43 yards per mini).

The DK weight option is a combo collection that will include a mix of three of our DK weight bases – Bona Fide (100% SW Merino, 23 yards per mini), Beguiled (75/20/5 SW Merino/Nylon/Stellina, 23 yards per mini), and Mountain Tweed DK (75/25 SW Merino/Nylon Nepp, 23 yards per mini).

For the optional Day 25 full skein of self-striping, you can opt to receive it on any of the bases being featured in the mini collections – Bounce, Bedazzled, Heavenly, Mountain Tweed, Bona Fide, Beguiled, Mountain Tweed DK.

Pricing for the collections is as follows:

All Bounce fingering – $78.00
All Bedazzled fingering – $84.00
Fingering Weight Combo Collection – $82.50
DK Weight Mixed Combo Collection – $63.50

Pricing for the optional full skeins is as follows:

Bounce fingering – $28.00
Bedazzled fingering – $30.00
Heavenly fingering – $31.00
Mountain Tweed fingering – $29.00

Bona Fide DK – $23.00
Beguiled DK – $24.50
Mountain Tweed DK – $24.00

Shipping charges:

Shipping charges are not included in the collection prices this year. Shipping will be as follows –

US – $10.00
Canada – $16.40
Other International – $22.80

Payment options:

This year, you can choose to pay for your collection in full upon ordering, in which case you will receive a 10% discount off the cost of your collection and optional full skein. (Discount does not apply to shipping charges.)

Or, you can choose to split the cost of your collection and optional full skein into two payments, one due in April upon ordering, and the second due by May 31, with no discount applied.

Within 24 hours of receiving your sign up form, we will send you a confirmation e-mail as well as a request for payment through PayPal for the applicable amount based on the collection options you chose.

If you have any questions about the 2019 Holiday Harmony Countdown Collections, please e-mail us at [email protected].