I’m Lisa Cannon, the owner and dyer behind Fibernymph Dye Works. My studio is located in the beautiful Laurel Mountains region of southwestern Pennsylvania.

As an avid knitter with a passion for stripe-y socks, I started FDW in January 2011 in response to my desire to see more self-striping yarns available in the indie-dyed market. I’ve been fortunate to have a small team of helpers work with me over the years to do pre-dye prep work, which allows me more time to focus on what I most love – designing and dyeing the colorful striping patterns our customers enjoy.

All of FDW’s self-striping and gradient-dyed yarns feature hand-wound patterns that are then hand-dyed in small batches and finally reskeined by hand as well. It is a time and labor-intensive process, but one to which I am committed in order to create the types of products that I want to offer to our customers.

While self-striping remains my primary focus, our product line is accentuated with a rotation of variegated & speckled colorways, ever-versatile semi-solids, and whimsical sock blanks. As a spinner, I also love to dye spinning fiber. I carry a variety of breed-specific fibers, and I do my best to seek out rustic and heritage/conservation breeds that are outside the realm of “the usual” so we can all broaden our spinning horizons!

I regularly seek opportunities to collaborate with other talented makers and high quality product providers so I can offer my customers an even broader range of what I consider to be the best resources available for their making endeavors.

Whatever your fiber-crafting desires are, I hope you will find something you love among the items we have to share with you.

Fibernymph Dye Works is committed to standing up for diversity and respecting every person regardless of race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and any other personally defining characteristics. Our presence, both online and in person, is intended to be a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We do not tolerate expressions of hate. If at any time you experience something on our site or in our booth that makes you feel uncomfortable, that is not ok. Please contact me, Lisa, at [email protected], and let me know so that I can do my best to fix the problem.