Yarn & Fiber Care

Unless otherwise noted, the yarn bases we carry are superwash and can be gently machine washed in cool water and dried on very low heat. However, for the best care of any hand-dyed products, we recommend hand washing in cool water using a gentle wool wash, gently squeezing out excess water, and then allowing to air dry flat.

In contrast, most of our spinning fibers are NON-superwash. These fibers must be hand washed in cool water and air dried, otherwise they may felt. On the rare occasions that we offer superwash fiber, that will be noted in the listing and appropriate care instructions will be included.

Our Dye Process

All of our yarns and fibers are dyed with professional grade acid dyes and are heat set to achieve colorfastness. They are then fully rinsed in cool, additive-free water, gently spun to remove excess water, and then hung to air dry.

Residual Dye Issues

On occasion, you may find a bit of color in your water when you first soak an item. This is not evidence of the color “bleeding” or that the dye was not properly set. It is most often the result of residual dye caught within the fibers that can be released through the process of working with the yarn or fiber. This is not a common occurrence, but it will be more likely to happen with very bright or deep/vivid colors, and more likely in fiber than with yarn. It generally dissipates after the first time or two an item has been washed.

We recommend taking appropriate care to wash your handknits separately until you know if it any residual dye may be released. Likewise, if you are planning to pair light and dark colored yarns together in a project, we recommend knitting a swatch using both colors together and then soaking them to test for residual dye issues. If you find some of the darker dye releasing color, you may wish to pre-soak your skein of darker dye in cool water and rinsing thoroughly prior to knitting your project.

Other Items

For non-yarn/fiber items, such as bags or other accessories, care instructions will be included within their listings, as applicable.