2019 WIPs and FOs Round Up

My first December Special episode of 90% Knitting is a “revisit” of my WIPstravaganza endeavor for this year, expanded to also be an overview of the projects I worked on through all of 2019. Because there are so many, and because the description box area of YouTube has a limit, I’m posting the show notes here, outlining each project I shared in the video. I hope this is helpful!

Thanks for watching!

I’ve listed below the yarn and pattern info for the projects I showed in this year-end round up. (Projects that were frogged or otherwise not finished are not listed here.) For more details on a specific project, please go to that project’s page on Ravelry. You’ll find all of my project pages here: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for, or if you are not active on Ravelry, feel free to email me with any questions – fibernymph AT gmail DOT com

Hallo-Pi(e) Socks: Yarn – FDW Squoosh 2.0, Hallo-Pi(e) colorway. Pattern: My plain vanilla sock (hereafter known as MPVS).

Hoodwinked Staggered Rib Socks: Yarn – The Flying Kettle, Caspertine base, Hoodwinked colorway. Pattern: my own staggered rib pattern (not published).

Margarita Swirl Socks: Yarn – FDW Bedazzled, Margarita Swirl colorway; Toxic green for the heels. Pattern: MPVS with afterthought heel.

Hippie Christmas Socks: Yarn – Tangled Strings, Sparkle base, Hippie Christmas colorway with contrasting red and green minis used for cuffs, heel flaps, and toes. Pattern: MPVS

Flexi-Flip Experiment Socks: Yarn – West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-Ply, Blue Tit colorway. Pattern – MPVS with afterthought heel.

Dark & Stormy Socks: Yarn – FDW Bounce, Dark & Stormy Colorway. Pattern – Non-Euclidian Socks, by Sarah Jordan.

Rhinebeck…Sweater Weather? Socks: Yarn – FDW Bounce, Rhinebeck…Sweater Weather? Colorway. Pattern: my own 3×1 ribbed sock with Non-Euclidian heel by Sarah Jordan.

Matchy-Matchy Motorcycle Socks: Yarn – West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-Ply, Goldfinch colorway with Cayenne and Butterscotch for contrasting cuffs, heel flaps, and toes. Pattern – Mine are MPVS; Bill’s are 2×2 ribbed.

Retro 50s Jingle Jangle Socks: Yarn – FDW Traveler, Retro 50s Jingle Jangle colorway. Pattern – MPVS with short cuff for shortie socks and afterthought heels using the yarn from the opposite sock.

Holi-Dazed Sample Socks: Yarn – FDW Bounce, Holi-Dazed colorway with red mini for heels and toes. Pattern – MPVS with afterthought heel.

Trap a Zoid Socks: Yarn – FDW Traveler, Soft Black and Aqua Shock colorways. Pattern – Trap a Zoid, by Sarah Jordan.

Mini Maximization Shawl: Yarn – FDW Bounce, “Winter” mini set for Mini Maximization kits. Pattern – Mini Maximization, by Sarah Jordan.

Hedgewitch Shawl: Yarn – FDW Ridgetop DK, Brick and Dark Brown colorways. Pattern – Hedgewitch, by Nat Raedwulf.

Arboreal: Yarn – Cascade 220 Heathers, Mallard and Aspen Heather colorways. Pattern – Arboreal by Jennifer Steingass. I steeked mine to make it a cardigan.

Hole-y Sock Repurpose Project: Yarn – multiple! These were cuffs from worn out hand knit socks that I cut off and opened up to sew into fabric strips with my sewing machine, and the sewed the strips together into two rectangles to put together into a poncho. Pattern – totally out of my own head, though I borrowed the basic construction idea from a Ciasbod podcast.

Mini Granny Square Blanket: Yarn – many! Using leftover fingering weight scraps. Pattern: my own…just a basic granny square.

Granny Stripes Blanket: Yarn – many! Using leftover fingering weight scraps. Pattern: none, I just watched some YouTube videos showing the technique for starting and crocheting stripes.

Repurposed WIP Hat: Yarn – Katia Azteca, colorway 7801. Pattern: my own plain vanilla hat.

Sweet Fern Gift Mitts: Yarn – Cascade 220 Heathers, Blueberry colorway. Pattern – Sweet Fern Mitts, by Clara Parkes.

Lose Your Blues Cowl: Yarn – my own handspun. Pattern – Sockhead Cowl by Kelly McClure.

Serendipitously Fading Pullover: Yarn – FDW Cozy, OOAK Serendipity Sweater Set. Pattern – Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover, by Jane Richmond.

Right Around the Corner Shawl: Yarn – FDW Mountain Tweed, Deep Red and Warm Honey colorways. Pattern – Right Around the Corner, by Lisa Hannes.

Dragon Wing Cowl: Yarn – Three Irish Girls Springvale Worsted, Morgaine colorway; Cascade 220 for the red border. Pattern – Dragon Wing Cowl, by Jessica Rayot.

Inspiration Socks: Yarn – FDW Bedazzled, Inspiration colorway. Pattern – MPVS with afterthought heel.

Another Movie Hat: Yarn – FDW Cozy in a couple of OOAK colorways. Pattern – my own creation that I never wrote down.

Cable Crush Cowl: Yarn – Three Irish Girls Linden Merino, Greener Pastures colorway. Pattern – Cable Crush Cowl, by Caryl Pierre.

Pi(e) a la Mode Socks: Yarn – FDW Traveler, Pi(e) a la Mode colorway. Pattern – MPVS with afterthought heels.

Positivity Socks: Yarn – FDW Mountain Tweed, Positivity colorway. Pattern – MPVS with afterthought heel.

Beekeeper Cardigan: Yarn – FDW Ridgetop DK, Warm Honey colorway. Pattern – Beekeeper Cardigan, by Marie Green.

Allentown Hats: Yarn – FDW Ridgetop. First hat: Peacock and Wisp colorways. Second hat: Wisp and Wild Bergamot colorways. Pattern – Allentown Hat, by Lisa Cannon (me!).

Summertime Blues Shortie Socks: Yarn – FDW Traveler, Summertime Blues colorway. Pattern – my plain vanilla sock.

Let’s Get Crabby Socks: Yarn – FDW Bounce, Gettin’ Crabby colorway. Pattern – MPVS

Splashes & Pops Socks: Yarn – FDW Bounce, Splashes & Pops colorway. Pattern – 3×1 ribbed sock with afterthought heel.

Wine-y Socks plus Bottle Cozy: Yarn – FDW Traveler, It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere colorway. Pattern – MPVS shortie socks. Bottle cozy was just 60 stitches doing a K1, Sl1 round at each color change.

Jukebox Cardi: Yarn – FDW Bedazzled, Peacock Blue, Lime Green, Beach Glass colorways. Pattern – Jukebox, by Annamária Ötvös

Summer-y Riley Rose Hat: FDW Traveler, Peacock, Wisp, Lime, Orange, and Lemon colorways. Pattern – Riley Rose Hat, by Jennifer Lassonde.

Yoga Socks: Yarn – FDW Bounce, S’mores Swirl colorway. Pattern – Yoga Socks, by Sarah Bauer.

Shift Cowl: Yarn – Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy Skeins. Pattern – The Shift, by Andrea Mowry.

Curly Snake: Yarn – Knitting Fever Indulgence 6-Ply, color 8. Pattern – Curly Snake, by Susan B. Anderson.

Hatdana: Yarn – some Irish tweed gifted to me by my FibreShare partner. Pattern – Hatdana, by Denise Bayron. (No finished picture yet! Sorry!)

Soldotna: Yarn – FDW Beguiled, Mirth, Reverie, Silver, and Sand colorways. Pattern – Soldotna, by Caitlin Hunter.

Esker Scarf: Yarn – a skein of Leicester Longwool from the prAiry farm. Pattern – Esker, by Jen May.

Woven Dishcloth Strip: Yarn – Valley Yarns 10/2 or 8/2? I don’t remember. Red, green, white, black. Pattern – just plain weave in various stripey configurations.

Scrappy Tube Cowl/Sweater: Yarn – a bunch of my handspun. Pattern – Any Gauge Tube Cowl, by the Knitting Expat (Mina Phillip).

Fairies’ Dance Socks: Yarn – FDW Traveler, Fairies’ Dance colorway with Bronze Green contrast for cuffs and heel flaps. Pattern –  MPVS.

Woven Houndstooth Cowl: Yarn – FDW Bona Fide DK, Earthenware Red and Treefrog Green colorways. Pattern – followed Grace’s tutorial video on how to do a houndstooth pattern (Babble’s Traveling Yarns podcast), then did my own thing with seaming it together and having the fringe there.

Knit Pumpkins: Yarn – a variety of scrap yarns I had on hand. Pattern – Knit Pumpkins, by Stacey Leickfeldt.

Random Bulky Hat: Yarn – Cascade Eco+, yellow. Pattern – my vanilla slightly slouchy hat pattern.

Hipster Shawl: Yarn – Feederbrook Farms Entropy in three colorways. Pattern – Hipster Shawl, by Joji Locatelli.

Spookles Socks: Yarn – FDW Happenstance Sock Blank, Spookles colorway, plus a micro set of Halloween colors for accents. Pattern: MPVS.

Bistromathics Socks: Yarn – my handspun from ClassySquidFiberCo Opulence fiber. Pattern: toe up with a CPCTC heel, by Sarah Jordan.

Baby Gift Hat: Yarn – FDW Serenity 2.0, Merry & Bright colorway. Pattern – my own vanilla hat pattern.

Test Knit Hat: Yarn – FDW Bounce, Fabulous Fruits colorway. Pattern – Hakova Sheli, by Sarah Jordan.

Slouchy Mitts Design projects: Yarns – Pair #1: FDW Serenity 2.0, Merry & Bright colorway. Pair #2 – FDW Traveler, That’s Not Even a Word! colorway. Pair #3 – FDW Sunshine and FDW Floof, both in Winter Red, held together. Pattern – a design work in progress.

Gift Dishcloths: Yarn – Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, Mod Ombre and Swimming Pool colorways. Pattern – Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth, by Ruth Slate.

Emmi Hat: Yarn – Malabrigo Rios, Aguas colorway. Pattern – Emmi, by Isabell Kraemer.

Twelve Days of Christmas Socks: Yarn – FDW Bedazzled, Twelve Days of Christmas colorway, with Deep Red mini for contrast heels and toes. Pattern – 2×1 rib with contrast heel flap.

Advent Cowl: Yarn – Advent minis from Sweet Sparrow Yarns. Pattern – loosely followed the Litmus Cowl pattern by Amy Florence Edwards for cast on numbers. Colorwork transitions are my own that I’m creating as I go.

Sugar Cookie Socks: Yarn – FDW Traveler, Gimme Some Sugar (Cookies!) colorway. Pattern – 2×1 rib.

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