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90% Knitting – Episode 346 – All of the Adventures

Episode 346 on YouTube. Thanks for watching this week’s episode! I apologize, but I am really short on time this week, so I’m not able to put together detailed show notes and time stamps for this episode. Some important things I want to draw your attention to though: First, I included a note at the beginning of the podcast, but I’ll mention it here as well – the sound and video are out of sync just slightly through the first part of the episode…no idea […]Continue reading

90% Knitting – Episode 345 – It’s Fall!

Thanks for watching this week’s episode! It’s available on YouTube or you can watch it here. Show notes with time stamps can be found below. Please feel free to leave comments here on YouTube, in the episode thread in the Fibernymph Dye Works Ravelry group, or in the Episode 345 post in the Fibernymph Dye Works blog (all linked below). Please note that links preceded with an asterisk do take you to Ravelry. I’ve included non-Ravelry links whenever possible. Note that some links to go […]Continue reading