2/27/23 – Late February

Hi friends! This is a round up of what I’ve had going on here crafty-wise in the latter part of February. Note that I recorded this on the 27th and it’s going up on the 28th, so the February SSOY MAL prize winners won’t be announced until the next regular video!

Project notes are linked below to project pages on both My Favorite Day (MFD) website and to my Ravelry (Rav) project pages, as available. Use whichever suits you best! If you’d like to support my creative work, consider becoming a monthly member of this channel (click on the “Join” button below the video on YouTube for details), or you can support my work on a one-time basis through Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/fibernymphdyeworks All support is greatly appreciated.

Projects I talked about in this video:

Bill’s Valentine’s Hat
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/bills-valentines-hat/
Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/bills-valentines-hat

Granny Stripes Cardigan-Turned-Vest
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/granny-stripes-cardi/
Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/a-good-vintage-cardigan

I went over details of both of the aforementioned projects in much more detail in my recent video, Finished vs. Perfect:

Blue Patchwork Scarf
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/blue-patchwork-scarf/
Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/blue-patchwork-scarf

February Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Herald Shawl
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/february-personal-stash-yarn-challenge-herald/
Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/herald

September 2022 Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Handspun Woven Scarf
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/september-2022-personal-stash-yarn-challenge-handspun-woven-scarf/
Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/handspun-woven-scarf-1

My combo spin is still ongoing, and I showed the latest two plied skeins.

The Stop Shoulding on Yourself MAL is ongoing through 2023. Read all about it in the Ravelry group, on the FDW blog, or watch the promo video I did earlier this year:

Shop News:

Wild Atlantic Pi will be available in-stock once I get all of the pre-orders shipped out.

The fiber sets I showed will be going into the shop hopefully by Wednesday. The best way to stay in the loop on new items in the shop is to subscribe to my newsletter, which you can do on this website from the top navigation bar or by scrolling to the very bottom of any page.

Prior videos I referred to are linked within the video, but here they are as well:

Finished vs Perfect
Combo Spin Prep
Wild Atlantic Pi Intro


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