2024 Project Pool MAL

This intro video to the MAL contains pretty much the same info as is in this post, but if you’re someone who likes to hear things as well as/instead of reading them, here you go!

Hi friends! I’d like to introduce our make-along for next year: the 2024 Project Pool MAL!

This post contains the guidelines for the MAL. My goal is to once again keep the MAL as loose and user-friendly as possible so it can be what YOU want it to be; a tool to help you make the projects that will make you happy! If you have any questions/comments, please do post here and ask!


What are the dates for the Project Pool MAL?

The Project Pool MAL will run through the entire year of 2024 beginning January 1 and ending on December 31.

What is a Project Pool?

The idea of the Project Pool MAL is to create a “pool” of projects that you’d like to work on throughout the coming year so that as things come “out of the pool,” you’ll be able to see progress, and you can also add new things into the pool as the year progresses. If your idea of a successful year will be seeing an empty pool at the end, then there is no need to add more. Whatever works best for you. Note that the project pool is NOT not meant to be the be all and end all to everything you’re going to work on next year. It’s just meant to be a motivational tool.

What should I use as my “pool”?

Your pool can be a physical containment unit – such as a basket, bin, shelf, cubby, large tote bag, etc. – where you can store your selected yarns, fibers, WIPs, pattern books, etc that you want to work with. Or your “pool” can be virtual instead…a list in a notebook, your Rav queue, a spreadsheet, a sticky note for each “pool” item that you hang in your crafting area, or you can make a list in the Project Pool Planning thread (<– Rav link) in the Ravelry group (which will function much the same as the SSOY MAL wish list thread from 2023…being a list just for you, editable at any time).

What crafts/items can you put in your pool?

That is totally up to you. Yarn/fiber you want to work with; patterns you want to make; other crafts you’d like to do (does not have to be fiber arts related!); WIPs you’d like to finish; any combination of anything that you want to focus on in 2024. Your pool items do not need to be all of the same craft.

How many items should go into your pool?

That too is up to you, but since one of the main ideas behind the Project Pool MAL is to help us see progress, I recommend keeping your pool items to a manageable number so that you don’t become overwhelmed. I’d say between 10-20 items at a time in the pool is preferable, though if you’re someone who is going to do a 24 in 24 challenge, feel free to put 24 in your pool to begin with. Again, the number you use is up to you, just keep it to something you’ll feel comfortable with and will not be overwhelmed by.

Can we add new things to the pool/change pool items throughout the year?

Absolutely! What you put in the pool to begin the year is your starting point. As you finish projects, if you’d like to replace them with others to give yourself more options, great! If after a few months you realize some of those original pool items really aren’t holding any interest for you, feel free to take them out and/or replace them with something else. The key is to keep your pool an inspirational and motivational place for your creativity to flourish!

Will there be prizes for the Project Pool MAL?

Yes there will, because I love offering prizes! For this MAL, I am going to do prize draws on a bi-monthly basis. I will draw one chatter prize winner (from this thread), one FO winner from the Finished Objects thread, and one Instagram winner from all posts that use the #FDWProjectPool24 hashtag. (All hashtagged posts will be eligible all year long, but the same post can only win once. This is the easiest way for me to deal with IG since they’ve made it impossible to see posts from specific time frames.)

Prize winners will be announced on the first regular podcast following the end of a two month period (so in March for Jan/Feb, in May for Mar/Apr, etc.) This year prizes will vary between yarn/fiber prizes and patterns giftable on Ravelry.

ETA: These guidelines are open to clarification, error corrections, and/or changes as necessary as we get into the MAL, but this should be the gist of it!

If you have any questions, please ask them here and I’ll be happy to answer! Or feel free to email me at [email protected].

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