11/11/23 – Reciprocal

Hello, my friends! It’s nearly mid-November, all of the holiday countdown collections have been shipped out, and I find myself with some breathing space to focus on the things that I haven’t had time to do! I share some of those with you today!

Show notes below have time stamps and links to my project pages on my project blog, My Favorite Day. If you have questions about anything in the video, feel free to leave a comment or email me, and I’ll be happy to try and answer!

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Intro & Announcements

• My Reciprocal shawl pattern is now released and is available 50% off for an introductory period through November 19th. You’ll find it in both the Fibernymph Dye Works shop as well as on Ravelry.
• I’m wearing my Felix Cardigan by Amy Christoffers that I knit in 2020 out of Blacker Cornish Garden Sport.


15:03 – Ariana Cardigan

25:25 – Luna Moth Socks

28:45 – SSOY MAL

I announce the October SSOY MAL prize winners. If you’re one of them, please email me at [email protected] with all of the information I asked for in the video so I can get your prize to you!

The Stop Shoulding on Yourself Make-along is in its last month, but you’re welcome to join in during these last few weeks! I’ll be sharing more about the 2024 make-along, tentatively being called the 2024 Project Pool MAL, next month!

34:56 – Shop News

All A Middle Earth Winter Holiday Countdown Collections and Day 25 items have been shipped. There will probably be some extra collections available in the shop later this month once I verify that all of the rest of them have been delivered to their destinations.

I’m currently working on all outstanding pre-orders I have currently have, so if you’re waiting for something, it should be going out quite soon!

Again, Reciprocal is out and available in the FDW shop and on Ravlery (see links to both shops below).

I will be having an Inversibles update probably mid-week this week featuring Inversibles on bases I don’t usually dye for them – Traveler sport, Cozy worsted weight, and my Linnaeus yak fingering. Watch your newsletter for that announcement! You can sign up for the  newsletter from any page of the FDW website!


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