2022 Make It Your Own (MIYO) MAL

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Welcome to the 2022 Make It Your Own (MIYO) MAL!

As the name indicates, this year’s MAL puts you in the driver’s seat. You choose your themes. You choose your projects. The 2022 MAL itself will consist of four quarters, each two months long. Eligible crafts for the MIYO MAL are knitting, crochet, spinning, and weaving.

Kind of a cross over between the way the Nature MAL from 2021 was set up month-wise, and how the 20 in 20 Along from 2020 was set up with you declaring your themes ahead of time and then working them. You’ll submit your theme via a form within a three week period week (denoted below in the schedule) and then it will be set. There will be another form for submitting FOs, as there was in the Nature MAL, and there will be a FDW yarn component again as well that will earn you an exclusive skein if you meet the participation requirements the full year. (Same as last year – 200 grams of FDW yarn/fiber used in each quarter.)

Note that you can participate in the chatter component of the MIYO MAL series both here on the FDW blog in the comments area of this MIYO MAL post (which will remain pinned to the top of the blog for the duration of the MAL series) or in the MIYO MAL thread in the FDW Ravelry group. You’re also welcome to use the hashtag #90kmiyomal on Instagram to share your projects and progress throughout the MAL series!


March 1 – April 30
May 1 – June 30 
July – We’ll be taking this month off!
August 1 – September 30
October 1 – November 30

The Theme Submission Form is linked at the top of this post. Note that I’ve removed the theme submission dates. Instead, you are welcome to submit your theme for any of the quarters at any time. Likewise, if you change your mind about a theme before that quarter begins, you are welcome to submit another form and update your theme. However, once a quarter begins, your theme will be set according the most recent theme submission you sent in for that quarter.

ETA: (If you are new to the MAL after a quarter begins, you are still welcome to submit a theme for that quarter and get a late start. All projects submitted for the quarter need to be started after the date you submitted your theme form. Subsequent quarter themes should be submitted prior to the quarter beginning.)


All projects must be started and finished within their relevant two-month themed MAL period.

Projects must be related to your chosen period’s theme in some way. Themes are WIDE OPEN – using stash, specific colors, types of patterns, fabric elements, or random themes – games, cars, vacations, etc. You choose and then work your projects accordingly. WIPs can also be a quarterly theme, but there will be specific criteria for how those are counted if you’re using them to meet the FDW component of the MAL. See that section below for details.

You may enter as many FOs as you’d like for each MAL period. You will submit your FOs using the Finished Object Entry Form (see below), and each form entry will be an entry for the FO prize drawing.

There are no minimum gram requirements for projects in this MAL. Also, handspun can be used for subsequent projects in any quarter of this MAL, including the same quarter in which it was spun.


Again this year, we will be using a Finished Object Entry Form to submit FOs into the prize drawings.

The Finished Object Submission form is linked at the top of this thread.

Note that the first space asks you to enter your MAL User Name. This can be whatever you want it to be, just be sure to make note of it and use the SAME MAL User Name for the duration of the whole 2021 Nature MAL program. In the event you choose the same name that someone else is already using, I’ll be able to differentiate between them by your email address and I will likely ask all affected parties to add a number or symbol to their user name to avoid confusion.

The information you will need to submit for each FO will be:
• Your MAL User Name (see explanation above)
• Your email address
• Your project’s name
• Start and finish dates of the project
• A link to where you have a photo your project and yarn/fiber information for verification. (This can be a Ravelry project page, an Instagram post, a blog post, or wherever you want me to be able to go to see your project).
• There will also be entry information related to the Optional FDW Component, which is explained below.

New this year, you will receive a copy of your sumitted FO entries to help you keep track of what you’ve submitted and what you haven’t.


If a project is completed using all FDW yarn/fiber, it will qualify as an entry into a second drawing to be held at the end of each MAL period. (All other qualifications listed above still need to be met as well.)

If your project was a WIP that was started before 2022, you may only count the number of grams you added to the project for the MAL to get it to be a FO.

To enter your project for the FDW drawing, you will include additional information in your Finished Object Entry Form telling me what yarn/fiber you used for the project.

Anyone who completes a minimum of 200 grams worth of qualifying projects made with FDW yarn/fiber in each of the MAL periods will earn a skein of yarn/braid of fiber in an exclusive colorway!


There will be one FO prize drawing and one chatter prize drawing at the end of each MAL period. The chatter winner will be drawn from all comments submitted during the MAL period on both this blog post and the Ravelry MAL thread combined. Prizes will be FDW yarn/fiber/shop-related. Winners will be announced on the first 90% Knitting podcast episode following the close of the MAL period. Additionally, there will be a third drawing each quarter for projects completed using only FDW yarn/fiber.

ETA: I’m adding a third prize category for each quarter, and that will be for posts on Instagram related to the MAL. Use the hashtag #90kmiyomal to post pictures of your WIPs and FOs for the MAL!


If you have questions about any of the guidelines or any component of the MAL series, please feel free to leave a comment here, PM me on Ravelry, or email me directly at [email protected]. If I’ve left out any info, I’ll add clarifications to this post as I become aware of it!

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