90% Knitting – Episode 369 – Solstice & Self-Care & Beads

Welcome to Episode 369…thanks for watching! Below, you’ll find show notes with embedded time stamps and links to project pages, patterns, and other things I’ve mentioned. I use non-Ravelry links when possible, but any link preceded by an asterisk means that it does go to Ravelry, so be aware of that if Rav is not an accessible place for you. All of my contact/website/social media info is listed at the end of the show notes! Intro – Happy Summer (or Winter) Solstice! • A brief […]Continue reading

Self-Care Summer!

In Episode 369 of the podcast, I shared that since the Nature MAL will be on a break for the month of July, I was going to start this thread so we could share with each other ideas for what we are doing to offer ourselves self-care this summer. It’s important to spend time focusing on us, so that we can better care for others in our lives. Please feel free to post below how you show yourself little kindnesses…or what areas you struggle with […]Continue reading