6/13/23 – 460 Miles Later….

Hi all! I’m back from our bicycle trip vacation – all 460 miles of it! – and I’ve got lots to share today!

Show notes below have time stamps and links to my project pages. If you have questions about anything in the video, feel free to leave a comment or email me, and I’ll be happy to try and answer!

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Announcements –

The 2023 A Middle Earth Winter holiday countdown sets will only be up for pre-order a couple more days! Pre-orders end at the end of the day on Thursday, 6/15 (your time).
Listing: https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/shop/holiday-countdown-collections/a-middle-earth-winter-2023/

I’ve begun adding my spring show inventory to the shop. This first round of inventory includes all of the self-striping I have left over, including Inversibles Sets, have been added and there’s a lot to choose from!
Shop: https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/shop/

9:20 – This Week’s Projects

Two Skein Fingering Weight Sample of Moss Stitch Shawl Design
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/two-skein-fingering-moss-stitch-shawl-sample/
Rav: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/moss-stitch-shawl—two-skein-fingering-wt-sample

John Arbon Beaded Chain-Ply
No project pages for this, but the article I used to learn how to do this was from Spin-Off, not Knitty as I said in the video. Here’s the link:

May Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Dragon Hoard Favorite Scarf
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/may-personal-stash-yarn-challenge-dragon-hoard-favorite-scarf/
Rav: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/favorite-scarf-ever-2#

Bill’s Birthday Socks – Wild Atlantic Pub Vibes!
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/wild-atlantic-pub-vibes-socks/
Rav: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/bills-pub-socks

24:49 – Garden Update

31:01 – Not Yet WIPs: New spinning project/Tour de Fleece; smaller weaving projects; my grandson’s graduation/going-to-college blanket; June Personal Stash Yarn Challege (two balls of Istex Alafosslopi)

39:40 – New Things: Fair trade woven bag (cannot find the tag…I’m sorry! But I got it from Yarn Bips & Bobs); Ex Libris Yarn; Liverpool Yarns 100% Shetland skeins; Dusty Tree Yarns, Root fingering weight; stitch marker/needle threader from One Sly Fox; Wren & Rita shower steamers.

44:30 – SSOY MAL May prize winner announcements – if you are a winner, please email me at [email protected] with your prize choice and mailing info!

Info about taking part in the MAL is available both in the Ravelry group as well as in a pinned post at the top of the FDW Blog. Please join us!

52:02 – I’ll be putting up a listing for my new club before the end of June. It will be the Lepidoptera Yarn & Fiber Club…butterflies and moths! Yay! 🙂 Stay tuned or be subscribed to the newsletter to know when sign ups open!


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