6/24/23 – Dedicated Projects

Hello friends! I’ve got a lot of projects to share today, though many of them are going to be on the back burner for a while as I focus primarily on two dedicated projects for the next month. Come along as we talk about them!

Show notes below have time stamps and links to my project pages. If you have questions about anything in the video, feel free to leave a comment or email me, and I’ll be happy to try and answer!

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• Still planning to do a video of our bicycle trip…stay tuned!
• New in the Shop: Project sets! Summer Solstice “Wheel of the Trees” pre-order available through Wednesday, 6/28; Lepidoptera Yarn & Fiber Club sign ups will open in the shop on Friday, 6/30.
• I’m offering free shipping on US orders through the end of June, no minimum purchase required!


6:23 – Things on indefinite hold:

My June Personal Stash Yarn Challenge project (Alafosslopi from last episode)

April Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – weaving with my Wonderland yarns
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/april-personal-stash-yarn-challenge-wonderland-yarns-weaving/

Bill’s Atlantic Pub Vibes! socks
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/wild-atlantic-pub-vibes-socks/

11:14 – WIPs I’ve worked on:

May Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Dragon Hoard Favorite Scarf
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/may-personal-stash-yarn-challenge-dragon-hoard-favorite-scarf/

Handspun DRK Everyday Cowl (New cast on)
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/handspun-drk-everyday-cowl/

Graduation/Going-to-College Blanket
MFD: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/graduation-going-to-college-blanket/

34:54 – Not Yet a WIP

My Tour de Fleece spinning in July

37:28 – Stop Shoulding on Yourself (SSOY) MAL Chatter

43:13 – A “Life Stuff” Story Time to end the video!


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