90% Knitting – Episode 369 – Solstice & Self-Care & Beads

Welcome to Episode 369…thanks for watching! Below, you’ll find show notes with embedded time stamps and links to project pages, patterns, and other things I’ve mentioned. I use non-Ravelry links when possible, but any link preceded by an asterisk means that it does go to Ravelry, so be aware of that if Rav is not an accessible place for you. All of my contact/website/social media info is listed at the end of the show notes!

Intro – Happy Summer (or Winter) Solstice! • A brief bit of time-sensitive top-of-show shop news, further elaborated later in the episode.

4:46 – Finished Objects

Fungi Pi(e) Socks – My plain vanilla 2×1 ribbed sock recipe. Yarn: FDW Mountain Tweed BFL, Fungi Pi(e) colorway. US1 needles.
* Project Page – https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/fungi-pie-socks

Summer Stripes Socks – My plain vanilla stockinette sock recipe. Yarn: FDW Bounce, Summer Stripes (the 2021 DCS Splash Pad Party exclusive colorway). US 1 needles.
* Project Page – https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/summer-stripes-socks

You can find information about the Down Cellar Studio Splash Pad Party here: https://www.downcellarstudio.com/splashpad21/

10:57 – Works in Progress

Sofronia – Pattern by Sarah Jordan; Yarn from Tempting Ewe Yarns, Ewe So Sparkly base in the Rainbow Brite colorway. US4 needles. Size 6/0 beads (I think?). Using a Size 7 crochet hook to add the beads.
Pattern – https://www.lovecrafts.com/en-us/p/sofronia-knitting-pattern-by-sarah-jordan
* Project Page – https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/sofronia

Crochet Tube Cowl – No pattern; alternating sections of single crochet and single crochet through the back loop (is that a thing? I’m not sure of the terminology). Yarn: Legacy Fiber Artz Steel Toes in two different mini sets and a sock set of Tiny Dancer. D hook
* Project Page – https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/tube-cowl

I’d love recommendations for smaller sized (C hook or smaller) wooden hooks with a good point on them that do not have a super large diameter handle.

Weaving – I warped my Ashford 10″ SampleIT rigid heddle loom for a table runner. Yarn: Knitter’s Brewing Company Sock-aholic Brewski in Framboise and TurCranPie. Doing plain weave in a plaid pattern.

28:42 – Nature MALs – The Fauna installment of the MAL ends on June 30th! Be sure to submit your Finished Object form here: https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/2021-nature-mals-finished-object-entry-form/. You can find all of the guidelines for the MAL in the Ravelry thread (Rav group linked below) or at the FDW blog here: https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/blog/events/2021-nature-mal-series/

We’ll be taking July off from the MAL. Instead, I’d love to have you take part in the Summer Self-Care threads that I’m starting on both the FDW Blog and in the Rav group. What small acts of kindness are you doing this summer for yourself? Please tell us, and come and encourage others too!
FDW Blog link: https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/blog/chatter/self-care-summer
* Rav thread link: https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/fibernymph-dye-works/topics/4136102

38:22 – Shop News

Pre-orders for the Winter Magical Holiday Countdown Mini Collections and the Day 25 items are open through 6/30. Both listings are in the shop now.

The next shop update will be on Friday, July 9th, at 5 p.m. eastern.

53:10 – What’s Bringing Me Joy!

Cutting myself some slack and taking time for self-care! Sometimes the universe is really trying to tell you something and it’s good when you listen. 😉

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