90% Knitting – Episode 393

Welcome to Episode 393! Show notes are below with time stamps and links to project pages and other things I’ve mentioned. Any link preceded by an asterisk means that it goes to Ravelry, so be aware of that if Rav is not an accessible place for you.

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Intro/Announcements – I shared that there is currently a Gifts & Accessories sale happening in the shop!

4:04 – Finished Objects

Mug Rugs
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/mug-rugs/

Shetland Spinning Set (final color)
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/shetland-spinning-set/

(I also showed my Hansel Hap that I started several years ago and plan to finish using the Shetland set. My Rav project page for that is here:

* https://www.ravelry.com/projects/fibernymph/hansel-half-version. I’ll start a MFD page for it when I get back to working on it.)

Animal Tarot Pouch
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/animal-tarot-pouch/

18:55 – Works in Progress

Feathers & Tunes Socks
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/feathers-tunes-socks/

Dark Rainbow Weekender Light
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/dark-rainbow-weekender-light/

28:54 – Upcoming

I’m planning to start the Gilmore Bralette for my daughter using some Mainstays 100% cotton in Black. Project pages coming once the project is underway.

30:48 – MIYO MAL

I announced the 2nd Quarter prize winners, as well as a special first-half of the MAL prize winner. If you were a winner, please email me at fibernymph @ gmail DOT com and let me know your full mailing info and your top three prize choices.

See the thread in the Rav group (* https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/fibernymph-dye-works/4173630/) or the FDW Blog post (https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/blog/events/2022-make-it-your-own-miyo-mal/) for all details about the MAL. It’s never too late to join in!

42:25 – Shop News
There is currently a sale on all gift items, notions (including HiyaHiya knitting needles), and accessories in the shop! No coupon code needed, everything is already marked down. The sale will run through the remainder of summer or while supplies last.

I am planning for a shop update this weekend, Friday or Saturday (probably Saturday morning, 10 a.m. eastern). Newsletter and social media will have more details, though I may do a special episode showing what will be available.

44:35 – 10%/What’s Bringing Me Joy
We had interesting raccoon antics here in the Mountain House…yes, I said *in*. Also, I get to have a root canal this week. Woo. :}

What’s bringing me joy? Any stupid little thing that makes me laugh, which is often TikTok videos, and often those are ones with cats doing silly things.

Also, affirmations! I shared my Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck 2, which I love using for its lighthearted encouragement!

Be well, my friends! xoxo

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