90% Knitting – Episode 384 – One Sixth of the Way There!

Hello, friends! Thanks for visiting with me this week! Below there are show notes with time stamps and links to project pages and other things I’ve mentioned. Any link preceded by an asterisk means that it does go to Ravelry, so be aware of that if Rav is not an accessible place for you.

Just a reminder: I’m providing links to alternate project pages that are on a separate website project of mine – My Favorite Day.

All of my contact/website/social media info is listed at the end of the show notes!

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4:25 – Finished Objects

My February Stash Challenge – Zen Shawl, by Maureen Clark.

11:53 – Works in Progress

Follow Your Path Socks – my own 2×1 sock recipe.

Ramona Cardigan

25:46 – Weaving

Gray Woven Scarf/Cowl

32:21 – Spinning

LOOP Fiber Studios Bullseye Bump

35:43 – Upcoming

My March Personal Stash Challenge yarn is some handspun I spun in 2016.

39:44 – 2022 Make It Your Own (MIYO) MAL

The Quarterly Theme Submission form is now open for the 2022 MIYO MAL, which begins on March 1! You’ll find the form link as well as all of the information about the MIYO MAL here:
FDW Blog: https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/blog/events/2022-make-it-your-own-miyo-mal/

Also, if you’d like to tag your MIYO MAL projects on Instagram, use the hashtag: #90kmiyomal.

There is also a chatter thread for anyone working through their WIPs this Jan/Feb. However, this is only in the FDW Ravelry group. Link below!

43:42 – I share some info about upcoming content additions that will be coming to the channel, including a membership option if you’d like to support the podcast that way. I’m also working on setting up a Patreon. None of this will affect that 90% Knitting podcast as it is now – I’ll be continuing to produce two podcasts a month. The goal of these additional components is to add a larger variety of content that doesn’t fit into the scope of the regular podcast as well as add more interactive options for the community! Stay tuned for more details!

46:46 – Shop News
There was a Throwback Thursday update this past week featuring two of my past anniversary colorways, Never Not Color and Seventh Year Stitch. There are still skeins available of each if you’re interested!

My update schedule for March is as follows:

Sat., 3/5, 10 a.m. eastern – regular shop update
Mon., 3/14, 5 p.m. eastern – Pi Day shop update, featuring the 2022 Pi Day colorway.
Fri., 3/25, 5 p.m. eastern – the official 11th anniversary shop update.

I announced that I’ll be opening pre-orders for the 2022 Holiday Countdown Collections earlier this year in the hopes of managing supply chain issues this year. I’m aiming for early April to start the pre-orders, but I’m also planning to leave them up longer. More details will be coming soon.

Subscribe to the FDW newsletter to be sure to see details about all shop updates, pre-orders and other important shop activities. Newsletter sign up link is in the top menu of any FDW website page, linked below.

53:27 – What’s Bringing Me Joy!
Having our septic issues resolved! Yay! • Had my 6 mo check up and blood work and all was well. Yay! • I’m going to be doing a 9 month long online herbalism course beginning in March. Offered through SpiritHaus Botanicals.


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