90% Knitting – Episode 383 – Follow Your Path

Happy February, everyone! Thanks for watching! Below there are show notes with time stamps and links to project pages and other things I’ve mentioned. Any link preceded by an asterisk means that it does go to Ravelry, so be aware of that if Rav is not an accessible place for you.

New this week: links to alternate project pages that are on a separate website project of mine – My Favorite Day. MFD will be growing to include other things in the future, but for now you’ll be able to find project info about my current and upcoming projects in that space if you prefer to not visit Ravelry. I’ll also be able to add project notes about non-fiber related projects too, which will be nice!

Also, to streamline the show notes, I am no longer including yarn and pattern details, as that info is found when you follow the project page links that are provided.

All of my contact/website/social media info is listed at the end of the show notes!

There will be a shop update on Wednesday, Feb. 9, at 5 p.m. eastern. Check out the Shop News segment of the episode and subscribe to the FDW newsletter for more details!


Intro – What I’m wearing: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark. Yarn is Wollmeise in the Femme Fatale colorway.


7:26 – Finished Objects

Sweet Fern Mitts, by Clara Parkes.
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/sweet-fern-mitts/

BYOV: Be Your Own Valentine! Socks – my own 2×1 sock recipe
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/byov-socks/

Fluffy Hearts – My own pattern (outlined in MFD project page)
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/fluffy-hearts/

18:35 – Works in Progress
Granny Stripe Cardi, by Fran Morgan
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/granny-stripes-cardi/

My February Stash Challenge – Zen Shawl, by Maureen Clark.
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/february-stash-challenge-zen-shawl/

Follow Your Path Socks – my own 2×1 sock recipe.
MFD Project Page: https://www.my-favorite-day.com/project/follow-your-path-socks/

41:36 – Make Along Chatter
The Quarterly Theme Submission form is now open for the 2022 MIYO MAL, which begins on March 1! You’ll find the form link as well as all of the information about the MIYO MAL in the following places:
FDW Blog: https://www.fibernymphdyeworks.com/blog/events/2022-make-it-your-own-miyo-mal/
* Ravelry group: https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/fibernymph-dye-works/4173630/1-25

There is also a chatter thread for anyone working through their WIPs this Jan/Feb. However, this is only in the FDW Ravelry group. Link below!

46:18 – Shop News
The next shop update will be on Wed., 2/9, at 5p.m. eastern. There will be pre-orders of my 11th Anniversary colorway, Follow Your Path, as well as more shortie sock sets in St. Patrick’s Day and Easter colorways. Also, there are small batches of several colorways going up on my Twist non-superwash white/black worsted weight base. Shop link is below!

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53:22 – 10% – What’s bringing me joy this week!
The hope for warmer weather as spring approaches!
Also, the Donnie Iris concert we went to last weekend. For those of you not in the Pittsburgh area who haven’t heard of Donnie before but would like to share in my bit of nostalgia for 80’s rock, here are a few videos of some of his most popular songs that you can check out if you’d like:

Ah Leah – https://youtu.be/NKlC8TKxaRc
Agnes – https://youtu.be/sYfZ2D6Yg6M
Love is Like a Rock – https://youtu.be/oa0TFIhxnkw

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